SEKTA Architects Company Profile

SEKTA recognize that bigger is not always better. We believe that through the establishment of a closer one-on-one relationship with clients, the result will be a project tailored to the needs of the facility end users, while achieving the project stakeholder expectations in terms of the time, cost and quality criteria.

Registered Architects in New Zealand and Queensland Australia.
New Zealand Institute of Architects Accredited Practice.
Practice Member of the New Zealand Green Building Council.
Member of the Property Council of New Zealand.
Member of the New Zealand and Middle East Business Council (NZMEBC)

SEKTA Systems and Technology

SEKTA Architects Ltd uses the latest BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to produce three dimensional representations of the final built form. From these 3D models we are able to produce all detail design drawings and renderings. Even at the conceptual phase of a project, we are able to quickly test ideas and help the client visualise the building to ensure a complete spatial understanding is obtained. This understanding gives clients greater peace of mind when moving into the more detailed phases of a project.

Using such software enables us to adopt a more collaborative approach to the design process where all consultants are working from the single information model source resulting in high quality design and documentation that is consistant, coordinated and complete. The result of this is fewer variations during construction.

ESD and Sustainability

SEKTA are committed to the principles of the New Zealand Green Building Council, these principles are inherent in the way we design and in the materials selected for each project.

Service Areas

Commercial Offices
Sport and Recreation
Retail and Entertainment
HealthcareLaboratory and Research
Heavy Industrial, factory and process

Range of Services

Interior Design
Project Management