Dey Street Tennis Centre

After a number of failed options investigated by the WTA, SEKTA were engaged by Perrys on behalf of the WTA to design a Davis Cup standard Tennis Centre as the first building in the Lugton Park Development in Hamilton. With its striking elliptical roof form reminiscent of aircraft hangars, the new facility strikes an imposing stance upon entry. Its minimalist interior and elegant trusses reflecting the external roof form creates a benchmark for future facilities in the development.

Receiving an NZIA Local award for architecture 2007 in the “Community and Cultural” section, the jury citation for the project read;

“Iconic building” and “budget-driven” are two terms that seldom appear together, yet SEKTA Architects have created a landmark with this community-funded project and provided real value for money. The building showcases the architect’s confidence and proves the client’s confidence in the architect!