Throughout the design process Sekta utilises unique tools to visualise, communicate and collaborate with you, your builder and other project stakeholders. Our design approach involves a highly detailed process of 3D modelling in order to visualise the design through each design phase to construction. This level of detail allows for more seamless collaboration with the design team, suppliers and local authorities.


From creating well designed interiors, to complex equipment fit-outs, We can help you create a beautiful indoor space to match both your practical and aesthetic needs.

Project Management

With a Postgraduate qualification in Project Management from Queensland University of Technology, Stan is experienced in managing the building process from inception to completion.

Our Philosophy

Sekta take a hands-on, collaborative approach to the design process working closely with clients by taking the time to listen and understand their business. This enables us to make informed design decisions which properly reflect our client's immediate and future economic and strategic requirements. This design and management strategy is adopted through all phases of a project, ensuring that all project stakeholders and the design team work toward a common goal.

We create sleek, modern designs

Our aim is to simplify the design and build process, taking a more hands-on approach that gives our clients peace of mind at every stage.